ACH Services

Speed up payables and simplify disbursements by switching to electronic payments.

Opus Bank’s efficient ACH (Automated Clearing House) Services provide your business with a cost-effective and time-saving way to distribute funds electronically anywhere in the United States. Using our ACH credit origination system, you can streamline vendor, payroll, and federal and state tax payments, avoiding paper checks and the postal service. Our user-friendly system makes it easy to initiate one-time payments as well as set up recurring payments and expenditures.

More About ACH Services:

  • Our service’s easy-to-use tools and file import capabilities are designed to improve efficiency and save you money by reducing check processing and mailing.
  • ACH accelerates payables while improving cash flow.
  • Time-consuming manual data entry can be virtually eliminated by creating ACH batches with multiple items for frequent use, including recurring payables.
  • Electronic payments are more convenient for employees, tax authorities and vendors than check payments.
  • Viewing permissions can be assigned to members of your team for securely sharing transaction and batch reports.
  • Apply ACH blocks and filters to provide safeguards against fraudulent payments and ensure control to all disbursements and credits.
  • Security features such as user tokens are also provided to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.