Zero Balance Account

Increase control of your disbursements, reduce manual processes, and minimize idle cash in multiple accounts.

Opus Bank’s Zero Balance Accounts simplifies your cash management and makes sure your cash is working as hard as possible. A zero balance account is a subsidiary account linked to a master (or “parent”) account. Funds are automatically transferred from the master account into the zero balance account to cover checks or other debits. Funds from deposits made into the zero balance account are automatically swept each business day into the master account. Using zero balance accounts, you can concentrate funds in accounts that earn higher interest and allow decentralized control of disbursements while maintaining control of your cash management. Since transfers are automatic, the need to reconcile accounts and initiate transfers is eliminated along with the risk of overdraft fees.

More About Zero Balance Accounts:

  • This service is well suited for businesses with multiple decentralized payment and/or collection accounts.
  • Zero balance accounts automatically pool cash in a master account.
  • The manual task of transferring funds between master account and subsidiary accounts is eliminated.
  • Automated account balancing can eliminate fees associated with overdrafts.
  • You can choose to establish balances in your accounts other than zero.
  • Account balance data is available in real time through Business Online Banking.
  • An account-level audit trail makes audits easier.