Positive Pay

Reduce the risk of unauthorized check payments and losses resulting from lost or stolen checks and/or unauthorized ACH debits.

Opus Bank’s Positive Pay is an automated cash management service that deters check fraud. As you issue checks, you create an online data file including payee and checking information. That file is used by Opus Bank to verify authenticity when your check is presented for payment. If the information does not match, the check and/or unauthorized ACH debits will appear on a daily exceptions report for your review through Business Online Banking. You can then make the decision to pay or not to pay. Positive Pay also prevents duplicate checks from being paid.

More About Positive Pay:

  • Positive Pay reduces the risk of loss due to unauthorized, lost, and stolen checks.
  • Multiple reporting options make workflow and reconciliation efficient for any type of business.
  • Our user-friendly file upload feature makes it easy to share information about issued checks with Opus Bank.
  • The exceptions report, which includes images of checks that don’t match the upload file, is available through Business Online Banking and can be sent via email.
  • The service is available to safeguard checks and/or ACH payments.
  • Only ACH Debits received from an authorized sender will post.
  • Reverse Positive Pay, which enables your business to match remittance information provided by Opus Bank against your accounts payable records and then approve payment, is also available.