Make it easier for tenants to pay their rent, while streamlining your deposit and payment tracking processes.


AcceleRent®, Opus Bank's online rent payment system, enables property owners, property management companies, and homeowner's associations to collect payments quickly and easily 24 hours a day. The system allows tenants and homeowners to choose the most convenient payment method: credit card, debit card, eCheck (ACH), or cash (at MoneyGram locations). Tenants can initiate payments by visiting your website or a separate web portal, by phone or text, or by using a free iPhone® or AndroidTM mobile app. Since the electronic payments are automatically deposited into your Opus Bank account, you'll benefit from enhanced cash flow and reduced administrative time. In addition, the system's built-in reports and ability to share payment data with most property management systems will enable you to efficiently keep track of collections. Our professional team can show you how AcceleRent® can streamline your operations while providing a valuable amenity to your tenants or homeowners.

More About AcceleRent® from Opus Bank:

  • This is a payment solution designed specifically for property owners, property management companies, and homeowner’s associations.
  • System allows tenants the ability to make payments 24/7 with debit and credit cards (Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover®); eCheck (ACH); and cash (MoneyGram).
  • Tenants can initiate payments by phone, by text message, with an iPhone® or AndroidTM app, or through your property's community website or separate online portal.
  • System enables you to easily collect payments from tenants in multiple geographic locations.
  • Payments will be automatically deposited into your Opus Bank account.

AcceleRent® is a source of Yapstone, Inc.