Lines of Credit

Meet the working capital needs of your technology business with a line of credit.


Opus Bank’s line of credit is designed to provide you with flexible, convenient access to liquidity, whenever your business needs it. After discussing your cash management needs, our experienced team can assist you by setting up a line of credit that ensures you have the working capital you need, while minimizing interest expense. Smooth out your cash flow and access the working capital you need to grow your business with an Opus Bank line of credit. You can use the line of credit for a wide range of short-term needs, such as payroll, seasonal inventory purchases and year-end tax distributions. Pay interest only on the portion of your line of credit currently in use; with a moderate fee on the unused portion. Repay advances from your line of credit at any time during the term of the loan. We provide the flexibility to base your line of credit on recurring cash flow or your level of liquid assets.

More About Our Lines of Credit:

  • Revolving, formula, asset-based and unsecured lines of credit are available.
  • Terms up to 3 years are available.
  • Credit lines feature competitive variable interest rates.
  • Pay interest only on the portion of your credit line that your business is actually using; moderate commitment fee on the unused portion.
  • Take advances or make repayments at any time during the term of your line of credit with no prepayment penalties.
  • Consider our standby letters of credit for additional operating needs.