Acquisition Lines of Credit

Quickly take advantage of opportunities to increase your real estate holdings with an Acquisition Lines of Credit.


Opus Bank’s structured finance group can help established income property investors access the capital they need to acquire properties quickly, without the typical closing times associated with secured financing. With our Acquisition Line of Credit, you can finance 100% of a property’s purchase price with interest-only payments. Advances have a 90-day maturity, and our experienced team can help you transition to a permanent financing solution through Opus Bank. Today’s market is competitive. Real estate investors who have access to an Acquisition Line of Credit can take advantage of opportunities that require quick action.

More About Opus Bank Acquisition Lines of Credit:

  • Acquisition Lines of Credit can provide up to 100% short-term financing for immediate acquisition of real estate.
  • Interest-only payments.
  • Facility terms are 12 months and there is a 90-day maturity on all advances.
  • Permanent financing options may be available through Opus Bank for repayment of advances.
  • Recourse to a qualified sponsor is required.
  • Qualified applicants must have sound financials, relevant real estate investment experience, evident operational sophistication, and an ongoing business banking relationship with Opus Bank.

Financing subject to credit and collateral approval by Opus Bank