Working Capital

Enhance cash flow and increase working capital with a line of credit or term loan.


A line of credit from Opus Bank can smooth out your cash flow and provide you with working capital when your business needs it. A term loan from Opus Bank can increase your cash reserves after a partner buy-out, acquisition, merger, or expansion project. Use your line of credit for needs such as payroll, seasonal inventory purchases, or year-end tax distributions. Take advances and make repayments at any time, paying interest only on the portion of your line of credit currently in use. You can also structure your line of credit so that the outstanding principal transitions into a fully amortized term loan on a specific date. Our seasoned team of healthcare bankers can customize a financing solution around your business, providing you access to working capital you need, when you need it, without incurring undue interest expense.

More About Our Healthcare Working Capital Solutions:

  • Credit lines have a competitive variable interest rate.
  • Take advances or make repayments at any time during the term of your line of credit with no extra fees.
  • Pay interest only on the portion of your line of credit that your business is using.
  • You can set up your account to convert the outstanding balance on your line of credit to a term loan on a predetermined date.
  • Funds can be drawn from your line of credit using a check, or by contacting us by phone, or visiting an Opus Bank location.