Mergers & Buy-Ins

Expand your healthcare business by transferring partnership interests, including buy-ins and buy-outs, or by merging existing practices.


Opus Bank offers assistance with healthcare mergers and acquisitions to professionals who are buying into or out of an existing group or merging established practices. Along with your accountant and attorney, our experienced team can help you determine fair market value, buy-in/buy-out costs, and level of risk involved with a transaction. We can help you evaluate financial and procedural considerations involved when merging practices. Our bankers can apply their healthcare-specific financial expertise to help you work through differences in practice methodology, billing procedures, cash flow and revenue goals, or other practice variations. If you need financing, our skilled team can provide access to the capital needed to make sure your transaction takes place.

More About Our Buy-Ins, Buy-Outs, and Mergers:

  • Our healthcare bankers can help you determine fair market values of a buy-in or merger based on tangible assets, accounts receivable, and goodwill.
  • We can assist you with the structure of a buy-in or merger based on vesting, pre-tax installment payments, salary reduction, existing liabilities, and deferred payment of equity.
  • Financing solutions are available with competitive fixed or variable rates and flexible terms.
  • Opus Bank can work with your accountant, attorney, and other advisors to provide you with professional guidance regarding your transaction.