Opus Bank is pleased to announce it provided:

Title: Nursery Products
Amount: $4,251,000
Month: June
Year: 2015

Nursery Products

Opus Bank’s Commercial Banking division provides $4,251,000 in debt financing to Nursery Products, LLC

Overview of Transaction

  • Nursery Products, LLC is a compost recycling facility near the City of Barstow. The company provides local, cost-efficient biosolids, and green material composting capacity that complies with applicable federal, state, and local requirements for safely handling these materials to generate Class A compost.
  • The company was looking to re-structure debt and expand its operating efficiencies.

Significance of Transaction

  • Opus Bank (“Opus”) provided a $3,501,000 term loan to re-structure debt, acquire new equipment, and improve operating efficiencies at its facility. In addition, Opus provided a $750,000 line of credit for working capital.

Opus Bank's Role

  • Opus collaborated with the owners of Nursery Products, LLC to meet the company’s capital needs along with providing for growth at its facility.
  • Opus continues to work with the client to strategically plan for future expansion and acquisition financing.

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