Opus Bank is pleased to announce it provided:

Title: Northern Investors Company
Amount: $4,000,000
Month: June
Year: 2014

Northern Investors Company

Opus Bank’s Commercial Banking division provides a $4,000,000 operating line of credit to Northern Investors Company, LLC offering greater flexibility to support growth

Overview of Transaction

  • Northern Investors Company, LLC (“Northern Investors”) has been providing insurance premium financing services to businesses both large and small in the Pacific Northwest with a personal touch, since 1964.
  • Northern Investors insurance premium financing services are utilized by a network of over 200 insurance agents, providing thousands of businesses access to credit when traditional credit options might be more restrictive and costly.
  • Northern Investors’ management desired a more flexible financing structure and increased capital to support their continued growth.

Significance of Transaction

  • Opus Bank provided an operating line of credit to replace the borrower’s existing credit facility, which was restrictive and limited the company in executing on their business model, which anticipated continued growth.
  • The new line of credit will allow Northern Investors’ management to focus on further expansion into new markets.

Opus Bank's Role

  • Opus Bank worked with Northern Investors’ management to gain an understanding of their business model and growth initiatives, then provided a $4,000,000 operating line of credit with a customized structure that aligns with their goals.

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