Opus Bank is pleased to announce it provided:

Title: mTAB
Amount: $0
Month: May
Year: 2015


Opus Bank’s Corporate Finance division provides senior debt financing for the acquisition of mTAB LLC by Poplar Partners

Overview of Transaction

  • mTAB LLC (“mTAB”) has been the choice of Fortune 1000 firms seeking to manage, analyze, and distribute survey data. mTAB SaaS based model allows large groups of people within a firm to use survey data compiled over years with greater ease and productivity.

Significance of Transaction

  • The acquisition of mTAB marks the first acquisition completed by Poplar Partners.
  • Poplar Partners and some of its investors presented to Opus’ senior management at the bank’s headquarters. As such, both parties developed a trust and confidence in one another which is unusual in today’s financial ecosystem.

Opus Bank's Role

  • Given the asset light nature of mTAB, the financing structure required an enterprise value approach to lending.
  • Opus Bank was able to evaluate the transaction and propose terms within a two-week time frame, thereby allowing Poplar Partners to move confidently through the final negotiation process of the acquisition. The final deal structure was identical to the proposed terms.

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