Opus Spotlight on Commercial Business Banking


Our mission is to identify and accelerate the work of our communities' business leaders — those who have proven their ability and now need a partner for growth.

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Natural Food Center
Granite Falls, WA

Lowell and Kathy Zenk‘s Masterpiece

Opus enables significant business expansion.

Nekter Juice Bar
Santa Ana, CA

Steve Schulze's Masterpiece

Opus capital drives job growth.

Armada Skis
Costa Mesa, CA

Eric Snyder's Masterpiece

Annual Growth Goals of 35%; Partners With Opus Bank

Cupcake Royale
Seattle, WA

Jody Hall's Masterpiece

New store opening and new product launch.

Nexus Contingent Workforce
San Diego, CA

Nexus CW's Masterpiece

"We Quadrupled our Revenue in Just 6 Months After Starting our Relationship With Opus Bank"

Molded Devices, Inc
Riverside, CA

Brian Anderson's Masterpiece

Quick capital infusion doubled sales.

Ruby's Diner
Irvine, CA

Doug Cavanaugh's Masterpiece

“By Opus helping us…..the result is 10% same store sales increases over last year.”

San Diego Cold Storage
San Diego, CA

Ed Plant's Masterpiece

International contract expansion.

Lunera Lighting
Anaheim, CA

Lunera Lighting’s Masterpiece

Access to the highest level executives.

Image Source
Seattle, WA

Brian Haner's Masterpiece

Working capital line of credit fuels growth.

Affinity Dental
San Diego, CA

Dr. Alan Michels' Masterpiece

"Without Opus, I don't grow."

Bootlegger's Brewery
Fullerton, CA

Aaron Barkenhagen's Masterpiece

Growth capital. Business expansion.